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Guitar string selection, tension and overall guitar string setup should always be carefully considered regardless of whether you play an electric or acoustic guitar or a ukulele. Here at Guitar Acoustics we often find that acoustic guitar strings and setup is often a result of personal experimentation, advise from friends and fellow musicians or even simple trial and error.
The guitar string type and string tension can often draw out a completely different character in the sound of your chosen instrument and possibly in the style of your play. Guitar acoustic customers are often amazed that variations in their guitar string setup from those recommended and selected by the guitar manufacturer at the factory can actually sound better on their guitar.
Guitar Acoustics offers a full range of the major guitar string manufacturers and types to suit your every need and playing style. Our experienced guitar tech has a wealth of knowledge to help with your guitar string selection and setup.
  • D’Addario
  • Dunlop
  • Elixir
  • GHS
  • Martin
  • Savarez

If the string type you are after is not listed here or you aren't even sure what you may need then please contact us or phone 8084 - 5767 and we will be happy to provide advice and source the guitar strings you require.

    Guitar Acoustics can help with your string selection and setup!